Sunday, September 11, 2022

I was recently on a call with a new connection who’s been in business for 2.5 years.

She told me she’d cobbled together her business and while she wanted it to grow she had no idea what she was missing.

Cobbling things together.

That’s what most entrepreneurs do in the first year or two of building a business.

And as much as it might not seem like it, there really isn’t a better way.

When you start, you’re experimenting and trying things to see what works. You try different messages, different content, different offers, different ideas, etc.

When you’re experimenting, your business can naturally end up with many not-so-connected pieces. You’re like a scientist working in a lab with different tools and compounds trying to figure out what combination will give you the desired results. Each new thing you try is not seamlessly integrated into the whole.

That’s normal.

But it feels messy and Frankenstein-y. It can be overwhelming.

You’re doing all the things – too many things. While you’ve been managing so far, you’re not having much fun. And you can’t keep going this way if you want your business to grow sustainably. But you’re not sure what you should keep doing and what, if anything, you should stop doing.

This is a crucial point. The point where you have to decide on the one thing you will focus on.

Many entrepreneurs never do this. They keep trying new things hoping one of them will be a clear winner. But they continue to spread their energy among too many things so they perpetually get mediocre results.

Unless you decide on one thing (your specific niche), you’ll never get the amazing results that can only come from concentrated and consistent effort.

I call this the power of the middle.

This is where you take everything you’ve learned so far from your work with clients and marketing and sales activities and distill it into a powerful focal point.

Think of an hourglass.

When you start your business you’re at the top in a sandbox.
You have some sense of what you want to do but you have to sift through what works in the market.

To make more money, the kind that will set you up for a future without worry, you need to concentrate on the precise combination of clients, channels, and clear offer (aka the grains of sand) that make up your niche.
This is the powerful middle point of the hourglass.

Once you’ve harnessed the power of the middle to sustainably grow your business, you can purposefully expand to other markets and offers that will naturally flow from your focused niche.
These are the sands of success.


It takes patience, decisiveness, and vision to narrow in on the essentials of your business. It can feel risky, bold, and counterintuitive but it is absolutely the best way to lasting success.

If you’re ready to commit to this phase of your growth, I’d love to help you navigate it.
Book a call now to see what your middle might look like.

Lynn xo

P.S. Remember that nothing is forever. The middle isn’t static. Much like the sands in the hourglass, you’re in constant motion. You’ll set new goals and make changes as you move forward.


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