what’s your move?

I stepped on a wet crouton.

A remnant of the salad I had just finished eating.

A salad I’d put some effort into making with homemade dressing and loads of chopped up veggies…and croutons.

As I bent over to pick up the crouton that found its way to the floor, I decided to vacuum.

If I’d just had a bag of chips and stepped on one of those chips, I’m not so sure I would have done more than pick up the crumbs.

Having eaten a nutritious salad, I felt like someone who does things that are good for me, even when they take time and effort. In that moment, I was propelled to do something that confirmed that identity.

Thirty minutes after I picked up that crouton, I’d not only vacuumed the whole main floor, I’d also dusted and tidied up the living room and kitchen. And it felt great.

I don’t normally make homemade salads. Cooking and food prep are some of my least favourite things to do but I know they matter because when i do them, I eat better. And that feeds into my value for health and vitality.

So what was different about that day?

That morning, something shifted.

I was writing about my frustration at not getting started on my YouTube channel. About how I was stuck in planning and researching hoping to get to a point where I had everything figured out before getting started. (Oh hello, overthinking.)

And then I wrote:
I don’t have to have it all baked in. All I need to know is my next move.

My move.

I had never thought of it quite that way before, and I liked it.
It asked more meaningfully how I was going to play this.
It felt more empowering than figuring out ‘the next step.’

When I ask “what’s my move?,” I’m making room for the uncontrollables. I’ll make a move and then see what feedback or result I get before making the next move.

This small but powerful shift was a big part of why I continued to do things that mattered to me that day.

Now I think about the moves that matter every day. And that helps me have more days that matter.

It feels right and helpful.

My hope is it will help you too.



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