Sunday, August 21, 2022

In my years as one of the coaches in a group coaching program, I would regularly review our members’ answers to our onboarding questionnaire.

“I want to know what to focus on” was one of the most common answers to “what do you struggle with most in your business?”

No matter how much they’d achieved in their previous careers, these entrepreneurs were frustrated because they weren’t sure where to focus their efforts to make the biggest impact on their growth.

With your own business, you are all the departments. Any resources you need, you have to go out and find them. And it’s not always clear what you need and when.

So you seek support through a program or 1-1 coaching.

When the entrepreneurs in our program came to our coaching calls with their questions, we would give them advice based on what had worked for us and what we thought would work for them and their situation.

Sometimes they implemented what we talked about. More often though, something got in the way. They’d get new opportunities, ideas, and have second thoughts.

The next time they came on a call, they were still unsure about what to focus on.

I’ve done the same thing with my own coaches. After any given session, I’d leave feeling clear on what to do and excited to get to work. Then I’d get a bit freaked out about doing the work. I’d do more research to see what someone else was doing in their business and wondered if that might not be the better way to go.

What is it that keeps us from committing to one thing long enough to get traction?

There are a few key reasons. But to keep this focused ;), I’m going to highlight only one of today.

There are soooooo many different cool and exciting things you could do.

You could…
start a podcast
start YouTube channel
write a book
sell high-ticket offers
create a course or membership
do a launch
implement an automated sales funnel
work on your mindset
take a course
join a mastermind
do a joint venture
hire a VA
work on your branding
start social selling
try to get featured in the media
become an affiliate
sign up for masterclasses
start a Facebook group
work with a coach
create a social media strategy
and on and on…

Because you are doing all the things, all the things seem plausible to consider doing.

Shiny object syndrome rears its ugly head.

Even when you make a plan and map out what you’ll work on each day, it’s still hard to focus.

We only have so much time so having to choose among too many options feels really uncomfortable.

Focusing is hard. For everyone.

That’s why I do what I do. I help entrepreneurs to figure out what to focus on and then help keep them on track.

Next week, I’ll share the second big reason it’s so hard for us to focus on the things that matter most in our businesses.

Lynn xo


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