what it’s like to work with me

Many business advisors/coaches teach a particular flavour of business.
And it’s often meta as f*ck.

They teach how they built their own business and what they’re doing to grow it.
It amounts to: “Here’s what I just did in my business that’s about helping you build a business.”

This is not what I do.

I’m not telling you how I’m building my business.

While I do work within a minimalist framework, I’m business model and strategy agnostic.

That means that your desired lifestyle, your particular needs, desires, values, and preferences are the starting point for your bespoke business.

The goal is a business model and strategy that fits you just right.

Today, I’m showing you what that approach looks like.
A taster of what it would be like to work with me.

I was inspired to do this by posts from Ash Ambirge, the founder and author of The Middle Finger Project. She’s a successful business owner and digital nomad who’s been in the game since 2009.

On her blog, she had weekly posts featuring creators and business owners where she outlined how they could make more money.

I love this because it helps make things real. The advice is attached to a specific example so it’s more meaningful than providing general insights.

At first, I was going to find my own example to review but then I thought it would be good to do a sort of comparison with Ash’s advice.

So I picked one of her posts to piggyback on. It’s titled: This Couple Needed to Turn Their Blog Into a Business: Here’s How I’d Turn Their Hot Topic Into Top Dollar

In this video, I share how I would advise this couple – The Senior Nomads – on how to make money as they travel the world. And contrast it with Ash’s recommendations – I disagree with most of them.

When you decide to work with someone, it’s in big part because you like the way they think. It meshes with how you see the world.

This is my attempt at giving you a better sense of how I work with clients so that you can better decide if we might be a good match to work together.


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