stop being on autopilot in your business

How did I end up here? 

I’ve asked myself this question a few times in my life. And I’m guessing you have, too. 

You’ve overcome challenges and suffered losses.
You’ve had moments of joy and celebrated successes.
You’ve done things, seen things, tried things, felt things. 

And then, one day you look around and wonder how it all added up to get you where you are now. 

It doesn’t feel quite right.
Sometimes, it feels completely wrong. 

How does this happen?

You were on autopilot without an intentional direction to follow. 

When you’d had enough of feeling lost and unfulfilled, you took back the reins and started your own business.

And lo and behold, you somehow find yourself directionless yet again. 

So when other people sell the systems that made them successful*, you figure it’s worth trying them for yourself. You apply tactics that are not sustainable or right for the business you want.

You’re making money but you’re not sure what the best approach is to grow your business. Or how to find a direction that feels good. 

The minimalist approach to growing your business

You’re here because you believe that a minimalist approach could work for you for the next phase of your business. 

Minimalism helps you stay off autopilot and stay on track to where you want to go.

When you create a minimalist biz, you make room by keeping things simple and sticking with what’s essential to make money while connecting meaningfully with clients.

You have space to think about what matters most. 
You have space to step back so you can see the whole picture. 
You have space to consistently reorient to your purpose. 

This may not always look like you think it will. 

When I work with clients to help them get more clarity, purpose, and fulfillment, it can mean they create a whole new business, exiting their business, or making a few powerful shifts in their current business. 

I’ll be sharing the story of one of these clients in the coming weeks. 


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