Sunday, July 24, 2022

It’s a numbers game.

You may have heard this from coaches, marketers and strategists.

Heck, I used to say it too.

Working as a strategist and head of sales and marketing for online businesses, we often used a model that was predicated on the numbers.

That model relied heavily on launches.

The more people we could get on our launch list, the higher the chance we’d meet a certain revenue goal.

If conversion (purchases) is 2% and we wanted to make $1Million, how many people need to sign up for our pre-launch activities (launch list)?

Based on the $3000 program we were selling, we needed 334 people to purchase to get to that million dollar revenue goal.

That meant we needed 16,700 (334 x 100 / 2) people on our launch list.

We did everything leading up to open cart based on that number. How many signups did we have after 1 week of promotion? 2,300.
Okay, so we need 14,400 more by the time we officially open cart.

Every day multiple times a day for weeks, we would check how many more signups we needed.

I outline all this not to advise you on how to approach a launch.

No, I’m writing it out because this is not how I believe businesses like ours should work.

This numbers-focused (or obsessed) approach is too cold and business-y.

In my experience, when there is a number you are aiming for, you will do all kinds of things to reach that number. Strategy no longer matters, replaced by tactic after tactic to squeeze out more signups in whatever way you can.

No thank you.

One of the best parts of creating a smaller, more nimble business is that you can focus on quality over quantity. And you can still make more money than you ever did working in traditional jobs.

Quality is more intentional than quantity.
Quality demands that you remain strategic.
Quality prioritizes people, not numbers.
Quality infuses all aspects of your business.

The most important foundation for a quality-focused business is to be clear and specific about who you can help and what problem you solve.

Get an outside perspective to find out if you’re as clear and specific as you think you are.

We usually aren’t. Because we have a lot more information in our heads to fill in the blanks.

Once you are super clear and specific, be a little crazy about filtering out the people who aren’t the right people for you.

Everything gets better when you do this. Better messaging, better support, better results for you and your clients, better systems, better connections…

You may have fewer people on your list but that conversion rate skyrockets when quality leads the way.

Less but better.

Lynn xo


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