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are you too serious?

As I wrote something for this week’s email (post), I was struck by how bloody serious I’ve been. I love going deep and thinking


how to make your mind bloom

For almost 10 years, I was a server in different restaurants. During those last few years, I worked at the Outback Steakhouse. Their motto


let’s do a bit of bonding

On this Christmas day, I’m giving you something I enjoy getting. Let me preface with a few tidbits from Robin Dunbar. Of Dunbar’s number


setting limits is expansive

I’m stuck. There are so many options. I don’t know what I should focus on. Sound familiar? Most entrepreneurs I’ve worked with struggle with


how much is enough?

The other day I was sitting in my cozy cushioned rocking chair thinking: “Ah. This is it. I’ve done everything I want to do.


the joy in confusion

Ten percent. That’s about how much I understand what I’ve been trying to learn lately. And I’m doing it on purpose. Nearly every day


what’s your move?

I stepped on a wet crouton. A remnant of the salad I had just finished eating. A salad I’d put some effort into making


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