Sunday, August 14, 2022

Since I was 12 years old, I’ve been a regular tea drinker.

I drink generic black tea that I get at the grocery store. Which isn’t so much real tea as bits of tea dregs, that look more like oregano than tea leaves, stuffed in bags made of who-knows-what material.

Over the years, I’ve tried to elevate my tea experience.

I’d buy premium tea in fancier silky tea bags, paying the same price for 20 as I normally do for 200. And every now and again I splurged for the real stuff–amazingly fragrant loose leaf teas.

Heck, at one point I even took a 6-week tea sommelier course at a local college. Did you know that was even a thing?

But those were mere dalliances.

I always go back to my trusty mediocre tea. In part, because it seems silly to spend a lot on something that I don’t take time to savour. It’s more of an automatic thing. I drink 4-6 cups every morning. And by cups I mean big ass mugs.

Even though I still hope to create an intentional daily ritual with high-quality tea someday, my current habit is deeply ingrained.

Where I am very picky though, is with my mugs.

The perfect mug has to have the right kind of handle. Not too thick and not too dainty. A handle that’s curved in just the right way and that I can comfortably wrap my fingers around.

The bowl (main vessel?) has to be large but not too large. Weighty but not heavy.
Slightly wider at the top than the bottom, but only a little. It needs to be nicely rounded so that I can cup it just so with my hand.

Plain white doesn’t do it for me. I like bold colours and patterns, but also minimalist illustrations and designs. Never black inside because I can’t see whether I’ve scrubbed sufficiently to remove the tea stains.

The four mugs I use regularly are about 80% of the way there. They’re good enough.
But I know there’s a perfect mug out there, I just haven’t found it yet.

While that can seem frustrating, I like how clear I am about my preferences. It feels great to know what you want.

Yes, it’s about a mug but the same applies to business.

Working with many entrepreneurs in the past 9 years, I’ve been lucky to have insider access to different businesses at different stages of growth. I could see what I liked and didn’t like and what was non-negotiable to be successful. Little by little, I figured out what I preferred for building a business and helping clients.

For me, that ended up being a minimalist business. And some version of this is also what my clients want.

Are you clear on exactly what you want and don’t want? Like super picky kind of clarity?

If you are, hooray!

If you’re not, I invite you to book a call with me and we can talk about how to become super picky to get what you want in your business.

Lynn xo


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