5 truths to make your day better (hopefully)

Here are some things I’ve been thinking about this week.
I wanted to capture them as reminders to myself.
And I thought these could also be useful for you:

1. You don’t have to have to plan for 2023 (or any new year).

You can decide when you want to plan and how you want to plan.

Just because everyone seems to be offering workshops to plan your best year yet, you’re not doing it wrong if you don’t do it their way.

Also, in northern climates like here in Canada, January is a real bitch. The impulse to hibernate and slow down is strong. Trying to push through to get a jump on the year is like planning to successfully run your first marathon underwater.

2. You can give the finger to the algorithms.

If world chess champion Garry Kasparov couldn’t beat Deep Blue in 1997, trying to play the algorithm game now seems like a losing proposition.

Let the machines do their thing – to make whatever platform the winner of our attention.

Instead, focus on going deep on what matters to you and your clients to earn their attention.

Take the time to clarify your thinking and create content that makes people feel something meaningful (remember that meaning emerges in certain contexts).

3. We are automatic systems.

This one sounds bad but it isn’t really. Hear me out.

Most of our behaviour, thoughts, and feelings are not in our conscious control.
Our unconscious – what we are not aware of – forms the bulk of our experience.

When you struggle with being more present and mindful, cut yourself some slack. You’re working within a system that only gives you a tiny percentage to work with after all.

There is always something coming at you.

Unless you cloister yourself in a monastery where stimuli are limited and highly controlled, there’s no reason to believe you can achieve some sort of super intentionality.

No matter what you’re able to manage, those moments where you are intentional have an outsized impact on what you can do.

4. Insignificant things can be meaningful.

We can feel insignificant as one being on a planet of billions. We can feel insignificant as one small online business among millions.

That doesn’t mean we can’t find meaning as we go about our day.

What might be an insignificant gesture to someone else, could be very meaningful to someone you care about.

Inside jokes, a wink of an eye, the squeeze of a hand, a great series of emojis – we wouldn’t call these things significant. But they can be very meaningful depending on the context.

These small things matter. Together they matter a whole lot.

5. Everyone is winging it.

Check out this Reddit thread to see how so many of us have trouble with a whole slew of ‘normal’ things in life.

No matter how with it or together someone seems, there are always cracks.

That thing you don’t think you have any right to be doing, puhlease!

You may believe you don’t have what it takes. And you might not. But you’ll figure it out.

When it comes to business, I’ve been on the inside working with dozens of entrepreneurs. I can tell you that none of them had it all figured out. They tried things and often stopped themselves from trying things. They made some decisions quickly and others were indefinitely put off.

Those who made progress did it because they didn’t stop winging it.

Life is hard.
What we tell ourselves about how we’re doing life (and business) can make it harder.

These reminders won’t magically change anything today.
But hopefully they will give your conscious self something to chew on.

And just maybe make a small but meaningful difference in your day.



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