Life is messy.
Building a business doesn't have to be.

You don’t need to do nearly as many things as you think to have a sustainably profitable online business.

Life is messy.
Building a business doesn't have to be.

You don’t need to do nearly as many things as you think to have a sustainably profitable online business.


You don't need to do nearly as many things as you think to have a sustainably profitable online business.


Every Sunday morning, get insights and advice to help you grow your business to be meaningful, memorable, money-making, and maintainable. 
A business you’ll never want to retire from. 

You had big plans when you first started your business.

But now that you've been working with clients for a while and you're making a living, you're still not where you hoped you'd be.

It's crazy lonely building something on your own and you're frustrated by how slowly your business is growing.

You’re working a lot, doing everything.

You’re busy delivering great service to your clients and don’t have a ton of time to figure out how to get out of the situation you’re in. 

You’ve tried many different programs and tactics with mostly disappointing results.

You want to grow but you’re not sure what to focus on and what to change to make it happen. 

Before you burn out or add any more to your plate, it’s time to recalibrate. Because you can’t expand until you make room for growth. The way you’re doing things now isn’t sustainable.

You need personal support to focus on the few things that will have an outsized impact on your business.

Focusing on the most important things is the best way to go from frustrated to flourishing.  

Working with many amazing online entrepreneurs since 2013, I’ve seen that those who succeed are those who take the time to refine, specify, and clarify what they offer and how they sell it.

The thing is, it’s much harder to do this alone.

Together, we will sort out what works best in your business.
I’ll keep you focused on the things that matter most to scale a sustainably profitable business that feels good.

Are you ready to change your business for the better?

Lynn is a result-driven, highly professional and empathetic business coach with a lot of experience in online marketing and a no-nonsense attitude. What I love most about working with her: Calls with Lynn always leave me encouraged and with a clear view on the next steps. She dives deep into your business and suggests concrete next steps, approaches and examples. Her goal is making it work for you as an entrepreneur. And ask her for book tips! 😊
Carola Epple
Carola Epple
Founder, Virtually There
We are definitely a match and working with you was by far my best business decision of 2022! ❤️ I am beyond grateful for your support, expertise and the way you go deep where others merely scratch the surface.
Maria Bonhilha
Branding + Writing Coach

Hi! I’m Lynn. 

I’m no stranger to overthinking and over-complicating things. But since my ex-husband and I separated in 2007 and split up all our shared possessions, I’ve learned that living with less suits me just fine. 

Minimalism isn’t only about owning fewer things. It’s a way of life that helps me keep things more simple and less stressful. It’s how I approach building my business and helping you grow yours.

I have over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing and strategy. Since 2013, I’ve worked with online entrepreneurs and for the past 3 years, I’ve coached over a hundred online business owners to help them grow their businesses. I was also the right hand and head of sales and marketing in one of those businesses, helping it scale from $100k to $2.8million/yr.

During that time, I learned that entrepreneurs often over-complicate things. While implementing a tactic can feel like you’re solving a problem, it’s usually keeping you from doing what needs to be done…

Pruning the ineffective parts of your business to encourage beautiful growth. I’m here to help.


Work with me
1:1 Business Advising + Coaching

Let’s Marie Kondo your business to make it meaningful, memorable, maintainable, and money-making. Sparking joy all over the place!

I’ll help you keep things simple so you can get the most return on your effort.

You’ll stop spreading yourself too thin.

You’ll commit fully to:
one core amazing offer
one effective strategy to get quality attention and clients
one strong focus on making your business everything you know it can be

Here’s what you’ll get from our work together:

*Except for legal + taxes
There are limited spots to work with me 1:1.
Let me know about where you are in the form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 
I’ve worked with Lynn & experienced her beautiful brains before - so when I needed someone to help me outta my current re-positioning black hole due to a pivot, I was like: "Who ya gonna call? Bullshitbuster!“ Because that’s what she is to me.

Positioning, arrrrrgh…it’s a thang that I do rather well myself, granted - BUT for my cool clients. When it comes to my own stuff, which also had to be neatly separated from what I do jointly with my Webdesign genius of a husband (while still living under the same brand roof, kinda) well...I can’t even. Too close to that shit for clarity.

Enter Lynn! In just three razzle dazzle sessions, she herded all my disco-ballin’, multifarious messaging cats into a couple of shiny new identi-fires (fab word, innit?) I can finally feed my Insta bio and highlights with. Sighing with relief! Don’t keep suffering alone - every coach needs a coach. Especially when you’re like: "I SHOULD be able to do this for myself, by myself!“ Thanks Lynn, also for the sweet swearing we did together. You rock!
Dr. Katja Brunkhorst
Writer | Coach | Yoga Teacher | Punk Rock Philosopher
Lynn helped me see that what I had assumed was a refined niche was still too broad and it wasn’t helping me target my aligned clients in my marketing. At first, I felt like by narrowing my focus I would exclude some of the people I wanted to work with, but she helped me see that by getting more detailed about exactly who I could help and exactly what problem I solve, it would help me attract more just right clients. With her guidance, writing copy has actually gotten easier because now I know precisely who I’m writing for and what they need to hear to be able to invest.
Maia Larsgaard
Founder of Sensitive Soul Revolution
Lynn took real time to help me make my landing page look and sound great. She helped me express my business and my mission statement in a way that was clear and concise, and appealing to my customer. She took the time to go through my content and give me really detailed and specific feedback that helped me turn my landing page into something I am proud of!
Hannah Catherine Wydeven
Owner, Solcana Fitness
Lynn was wonderful to talk to. She understood my type of business (which is a specialized health care) and immediately understood who I am and how I operate and was able to help alleviate my fears and helped point me in the right direction. Her guidance gave me a new way of looking at things and opened doors to new possibilities that I had never considered, all with much less work than what I had originally in mind. I left the conversation happy and excited for my future plans.
Tina Fotini Konstantinou
Naturopath-Clinical Biologist
I loved working with Lynn. She was an incredible asset in my business. I could not have built the business I have today without her. She works incredibly fast and efficiently. She is reliable and goes above and beyond what is expected of her in order to get the job done. She would be an incredible asset to someone running and growing a business and would absolutely refer her to anyone in need of the services she offers. And I hope to get to work with her again in the near future!
Erin Stutland
Best-selling Author, Coach, Fitness Expert

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